Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WIWW: Gingham + Link Up

My dad could use some prayers this morning! He goes in to the police station identify the man who attacked him and we are all hoping this puts an end to this terrible ordeal! Since he was attacked from behind, he obviously didn't get to study the guy's face, so we are praying he is led to choose the right guy. Have a great day!

If you want to read about my dad's attack, click here.

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chris's Bachelor Commentary

Monday nights are my favorite night of the week! And Chris's! He won't ever admit it, but he loves himself some Bachelor. Here is his commentary from this week's episode:

Asssssstttttrrrriiiiiiddddd, ovvvvf courseeee I vwill except thissss roseeeeeee. (in his best Russian/Darth Vader voice?)

When Corinne is complaining about not getting attention - I really don't need that much come holllddddddd meeeeee!!! (He is KING of needing attention.)

When Corinne didn't get chosen to be serenaded - Smell ya, C!

I'd almost rather have them (the Backstreet Boys) play the CD version of their song because they are brutality.

I groaned when Corinne was complaining to Nick about being a bad "planned" dancer and Chris looks at me and says, "Babe, be sweet." Hahahaha!

I commented on how cute Vanessa's workout pants were and Chris mocks me and says, "Sooo cute! Fabletics!" 

As Vanessa is puking and comments on how Nick is so sweet to not leave her side - What's he gonna do? Say, "Alright, B, you hang tight over there. Peace."

Get 'em V! (As Vanessa is commenting on Corinne and Nick in the bounce house.)

About Corinne - Gosh, babe, she's so cheesy.

Wait, what? No way! - Sarcastically commenting about how the show is to be continued.

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

WIWW: Chris's Narration of The Bachelor + Link Up

Totally unrelated picture.
Between being sick and my brother's wedding, I've worn one fancy dress and a whole bunch of leggings in the last week! But, even better than an outfit is Chris's commentary on The Bachelor! You're in for a treat today!

When Chris Harrison asks the girls how they're doing, my Chris says, "Goood, great, good," with an eye roll.

As they're driving away in the convertibles - "You know I'd be the pace car."

Dude, I would soooo push one of those girls in the pool. (editor's note: I promise I married a gentleman)

If I was the bachelor, babe, you know none of those girls would be gettin' shugs. You know that I don't like the lipstick. I'd be like, "nahhh girl."

Look, her eyes are bloodshot. She hammered.

I don't like drunk girls, boo bear. 

(Face-palms when the girl talks about how how it is cute when Nick thinks about something.)

These are such brutal conversations. It is tough to listen to.

Mmmm, mm, mmm, mmmm. (When Corinne gets the rose.) The producers had to be like, "If you don't hate Corinne, let's just throw a rose at her because it is good for ratings."

It's not a boat, it's a yacht. 

Nick mentions that he is so relaxed on the yacht - You're so much more relaxed because you're away from CORINNE!

Happy Wednesday!

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